Winter tires: the problem of choice

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Because of their specific characteristics, winter tires wear away faster, and the need for their frequent replacement leads to the desire to save. But should you risk your own safety, buying the tires from the unknown brand? The experts say no! Only the branded and certified tires surely have the claimed characteristics.

Winter tires

The winter or all-season tires?

All-season tires have average characteristics that would be equally good in summer and in winter. But in fact, such tires prove to be equally bad in heat and frost. Optimum temperature for all-season tires is from -5 to +10. In the conditions of harsh winters, you should definitely choose winter tires.

Studs or non-studded tires?

Non-studded tires are the European technology of tires, designed for the use on the roads cleared of snow. The studded tires are more efficient there, where the roads are often covered with ice or thick snow crust, and for the off-road driving. However, if you just want too drive around the city, you can choose non-studded tires for driving around the city. In the absence of studs that will fall out in 2 or 3 seasons anyway, the studs will serve longer.