What are heaters Webasto?

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What are heaters Webasto?

The world-renowned group from Germany called “Webasto AG” is the largest supplier of HVAC equipment for cars in the world. In addition to the climate technology distinguished by its quality, the company also provides other equipment for vehicles.

heaters Webasto

The company’s products include the launching devices intended for use in warm-core units of machines, top hatches, air conditioners and automotive radiators.

The device being used for heating the aggregates before starting the vehicle is in the power compartment and connected to the cooling and the fuel system as well as the wiring machines. During the combustion of the fuel fed from the fuel tank under the pressure, the device increases the temperature of the coolant. Another type of liquid pump propels it along the contour, warming the engine and radiator, if the last one is present. Upon reaching the desired temperature circuit turns on a heater vent complex and pumped air masses enter the salon. Thus the temperature inside the car becomes higher.